Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte Zuchthaus Brandenburg-Görden


Services for school classes, groups of young people, trainees and university students

Tours and project days

Our tours are appropriate for groups of young people, young adults, and school pupils in the 9th grade or above. The content and method of communication are adapted to the needs and requests of the group.

Multi-hour offerings on the history of the prison system under Nazism and/or in the GDR take place in the seminar room of the exhibition building located at Anton-Saefkow-Allee 38.

Two-way tours

After an overview tour, the school pupils work independently in small groups with materials that we give them related to a range of exhibition content; for example, we ask them to examine the biographies of victims. Then the students present their findings to the entire class.

Project days

After a tour of the memorial site and the exhibition, there is an opportunity to explore the following themes more deeply:

Project topics:

  • “Imprisonment as painful evil”: The Nazi prison system
  • “He is striving to align himself with the national community”: Political prisoners in Brandenburg-Görden Prison
  • “My last thoughts will be with you”: Capital punishment under National Socialism
  • “Annihilation through Labour”: Racial hygiene and criminal biology in the Nazi prison system
  • “Agitation against our republic shall be punished severely”: Political prisoners in the GDR prison system
  • “Soldiers out of the CSR ”: Protest against Communist rule and persecution: GDR 1953 – Czechoslovakia 1968 – Poland 1981