Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte Zuchthaus Brandenburg-Görden


1 Permanent exhibition and seminar room

The former residence of the prison director is part of the prison complex built from 1927 during the Weimar Republic. This listed building has been home to the permanent exhibition "Auf dem Görden" since 2018. It shows the history of the Brandenburg Penitentiary during the National Socialist era and in the GDR on approx. 180 m². It also deals with the reform penal system of the Weimar Republic and the penal system of the present. A seminar room is available for educational work.


2 Memorial inside the Brandenburg an der Havel Prison

The former place of execution, which was established by the Nazi judiciary in 1940, is part of the Brandenburg-Görden prison memorial. During the Second World War, 2,032 death sentences were carried out here. Twelve biographies of execution victims and a projection with all the victims' names are presented in the memorial rooms, which were created in 1949. The memorial is located in the secure area of the Brandenburg an der Havel prison. Groups can visit it by prior appointment.


3 Tank Memorial

In front of the main entrance to the Brandenburg an der Havel prison, a Russian tank of the type "T 34" from NVA stocks stands on a monument base. It commemorates the liberation of the prison in April 1945 by a Soviet tank unit. On the 35th anniversary of this event in 1980, the memorial was inaugurated.


4 Memorial stone in front of the Brandenburg an der Havel Prison

The memorial stone "Against forgetting. To the Victims and Persecuted of the Communist Tyranny 1950-1989" was erected in front of the Brandenburg an der Havel Prison on 26 October 1996 on the initiative of the Bund der Stalinistisch Verfolgten e.V. (Association of Persecuted Stalinists).


5 Information board on the history of the prison

The information board at the main entrance to the prison explains its history from its construction from 1927 until German reunification in 1990.


6 Entrance of the Brandenburg an der Havel Prison

Today, access to the prison and the memorial rooms at the historic place of execution is through a modern reception building, which is located in front of the historic gate. A visit to the memorial rooms is only possible by prior appointment.


7 Brandenburg an der Havel Prison

The Brandenburg an der Havel Prison is a modern detention centre for about 350 male prisoners. Today the prison is committed to the idea of rehabilitation. On the premises of the penitentiary is also the preventive detention centre of the state of Brandenburg. Attached to the institution is a department for open prison and the training centre for prison officers of the state.

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